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Now that you’ve booked your party with Hibachi Takeover, we need your food order for each guest so our chef knows what ingredients to bring. If you get confused, or need assistance filling out your order form, please call us at (929) 577-1999. See you at the party!

If you need a print friendly menu to share with your family to gather the numbers, you can download one here.

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    Each individual dinner includes salad, fried rice, and vegetables. The Chef will also bring sake!

    In the boxes below, please tell us how many of each item your party is ordering in TOTAL.

    Each guest gets 2 protein choices, so if an adult guest wants chicken and steak you'll put a 1 next to adult chicken and a 1 next to adult steak. Remember, this form is for submitting the total order for ALL guests combined so tally up all the chicken orders into one number, and the same for each other menu item. Please separate adults and kids portions.

    If you need a print friendly menu to share with your family to gather the numbers, you can download one here.

    Download Prinatable Menu


    incur an additional charge

    Extras & Additional Proteins

    incur an additional charge

    Hibachi FAQ

    Travel Fees

    A one time travel fee will be added to the bill, depending on your distance from 705 59th street Brooklyn, as follows:

    • $100 flat fee for anywhere in Manhattan
    • Within 50 miles, $50
    • 50 – 70 miles, $75
    •  70 – 100 miles, $100
    • Over 100 miles, $150

    Bookings within the Long Island area:

    • A one time travel fee will be added to your bill for Long Island parties, depending on your distance from 705 59th street Brooklyn:
    • 70 – 100 miles – $70
    • 100+ miles – $100

    We reserve the right to decline parties more than 100 miles from our headquarters in Brooklyn, NY.
    However, if you have a specific request at this distance, please call us to discuss.

    We bring the Chef, Cooking Setup, and Food. You provide Tables and Chairs for your party, positioned around where our chef will set up to cook. Also provide your guests Eating Utensils, Plates and salad bowls, and Beverages of choice.

    Please note we cook outside only.

    Our Service has a base price of $50 per adult and $25 per child, with a $500 minimum spend. A travel fee may apply to certain areas. Suggested gratuity for the chef is 20% of total bill. Our services are cash only. There is no deposit required, all payments are due the day of the event.

    The chef will arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to reservation time. Our set up process is seamless and only takes a few minutes.

    No, we don’t set up your tables and chairs.  We provide the chef, grill, food, sake and of course, great entertainment! Customers will provide utensils, drinks, and table setups.

    No, we only cook outside for safety and liability reasons. Our experience is open to terraces, balconies, and under awnings.

    No , our food does not contain any nuts or sesame products. Please notify the booking agent of any other food allergy a customer may have.

    Yes we have serviced many gluten free customers. We ask that you bring your favorite gluten free soy sauce and teriyaki sauce for the chef to cook your portion separate !